The Paradox

forced birthers gala

Modern-day ‘Murica, everyone!

Also, I find it laughable to see some “entertainment”/celeb gossip sites hyping the Mess Gala in an attempt to take us away from the possible Roe v. Wade overruling. OK, I get it–escapism and all that shit, but with today’s celebrity landscape?! Those sites be trying to push some “fashion” fantasy on us, but who are these tricks fooling? While normal women in states most likely to be affected by the abortion ban worry over their lives, here’s gushing over some “influencer” and a “reality” show attention whore, both sans substance and natural beauty, and how they’re our fAsHiOn iCoNs of our time. (Don’t get me started on the last Gala, held during the height of Omicron late last year.) These days, you don’t need to sleep to experience a disturbing nightmare. It’s happening right now.

If you want it to end, though, get out and vote this year and, with Z-list attention whores, just don’t look.

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