Friday Rants & Raves

This small batch of rants and raves were meant to be posted on Monday, but I got busy.

As much as I love watching hockey, baseball, and NBA games during this time, if there’s one thing I simply cannot with, it’s the ass-kissing sports broadcasters give to asshole athletes. Maybe it’s because I have remnants of my soul and brain left, but I just cannot publicly slobber over foul bitches like anti-vaxx choad Kyrie Irving or Putin’s top ho Alex Ovechkin. I’m sure there’s plenty of acid you can give me to fake it, though.


There’s “Girls Gone Wild: Exposed”, “Secrets Of Playboy,” “Surviving R Kelly,” a bunch of exposé segments on Orange Hitler, and now all I want to see is an exposé on those dead-eyed, plastic-filled, fraud-defining KartrashJenners. Nothing that mediocre yet toxic should not have blown up as they had.


Stupid-ass thing I saw recently:


All together now: NO. And that’s my super honest opinion.

Also, if you want to give yourself a throbbing headache, go to Reddit (shocker) and read the top comments on any post regarding the Depp-Heard trial (except at Subreddit Drama, as they’re one of the few places that know both of them are awful). Yeah, I know Amber sucks, but all those misogynist scabs who think that permanent drunk mess who trashed hotel rooms in the 90s and left his long-time significant other (whom he had his kids with) for Amber aka Johnny is iNnOcEnT in this case…well, bless them.


Speaking of what should be blessed, my attempt to make keto hot pockets…


…may not be worthy of a pity Like on social media, but something something tasted good in the end. Guess when the recipe says to not roll the dough thin to keep the fillings in, they mean it. Ah well, there’s always a next time. (For the record, the dough in the two left pockets stayed intact.)

Recipe can be found here!


The Foolishness Of The Modern Man, part #7436: reading how some triple-vaxxed people recently caught Covid while attending a big public event, but them refusing to answer if they wore a mask while attending said big public event.

Meanwhile, when I attend Chris Rock’s show in July (yes, I got tickets!), I’m gonna double mask it and carry hand sanitizer. I still refuse to share air with strangers and no way is the Rona bitch gonna get me!


Finally, the sunset I experienced that was mentioned in my Easter post:


Taken at the beaches of El Granada, a few minutes north of Half Moon Bay. Since it’s also Earth Day today, if you still want to see pretty beachside sunsets 10, 20 years from now, do your part and get your butt involved in preserving what’s left of this planet!