A Couple Shout-Outs

The first is to all those who voted Blue in 2020, especially to those in Georgia. For without them we would not have an actual qualified judge voted into the Supreme Court, and we wouldn’t have had this moment of success (for what’s left of this country’s democracy), salt overflow (from the GQP Senators who walked out), and shade (from Chuck Schumer in the end):

Continue to vote Blue in 2022, people!

The second is to that cashier at Target yesterday. I normally use self-checkout, but this Target closed them off. Dude took a while in opening another register when only one was open (naturally, during closing time), but when he rang up my stuff, I had to correct him on the price of a couple of food items that were on sale. I told him the sale price per pound, but he ended up ringing up the items at the sale price for the whole package instead. What was supposed to be $2 per pound of meat ended up being $2 for the whole thing. I got four-plus pounds of meat for $4! This is one of the very rare times I’m glad I had a cashier ring up my stuff instead of using my preferred choice of self-checkout (which I could’ve done but this Target closed them off).

The next time I find some meat on sale and I see that cashier guy again, I’ll know what to do!