That Bitch!!

I haven’t made one of these posts in months, but then again there have been waaaayyy too many bitches that continue to ruin this blasted planet with their self-serving ways that it will take a year to post them all. Why waste time on that shit? And if this post starts to get nonsensical (if it hasn’t already), blame it on The Bitch of the moment: my apartment building’s fire alarm! (Not pictured, of course–the actual one in my studio is about to get kissed by a baseball bat.) It went off at a time when my ass was still in slumber today, but here’s the kicker: it’s the second day in a row that happened. Two days in a row! And I had to work yesterday; you try massaging bodies five times in a day with a brain rattled by interrupted sleep. I made some of my favorite liquid crack to help my tired ass out, but I felt more scatterbrained than Jessica Simpson years ago when she was trying to figure out if it was really chicken or tuna in Chicken Of The Sea. All because of that bitch-ass fire alarm. Or maybe it could be a bitch tenant who triggered that shit. Either way, I hate them all.