Protect My Goddess!

Screen Shot 2022-03-22 at 11.21.24 PM

More proof that we’re still in a shitty pandemic: that Covid bitch had to mess with my pop goddess! And what sucks just as much is that I didn’t hear of this until five days after this post. I know, I’m not on Twitter but this should’ve been news here–oh, that’s right, I live in ‘Murica. Where our “entertainment news” would rather force-feed us crap on some secondary reality show no-talent who happens to share a name with Minogue, while the REAL Kylie (with all due respect to Kylie Sonique Love and Kylie Travis of Models Inc. fame) gets foolishly ignored.

Anyhoo, assuming Kylie hasn’t gotten over Covid yet, I hope she’s feeling better and that she gets well soon. And, once this pandemic is over, plans a tour in the US, pretty please?