And On Saturday I Bake

What’s a chick to do on her day-off and she doesn’t want to go anywhere because she’s lazy to drive and there’s inclement weather outside? (We actually got a little rain today here in the East Bay.) Hit the kitchen, honey! I made a favorite of mines again: low-carb chicken cordon bleu casserole. I felt for something creamy and meaty, and, yes, that’s what she said.

Then I wanted to make bagels. I had all the ingredients for it, according to this recipe. And then I discovered my mozzarella cheese had spoiled. Both the shredded stuff and the block it came from! I bought that not too long ago! Utter crap. I’m glad I live a short walk from a Target, but that’s where I bought the mozzarella cheese that spoiled on me. When I got to their cheese section, I decided on if I really wanted to buy the same brand of mozzarella that turned on me too soon, or go for another brand that I never tried before. And then I found out that some specialty cheeses were going for half off, including a one-pound mozzarella cheese log. I ended up buying the cheese log, along with some of the other fancy cheeses on sale.

Little did I know that I would end up making a mistake in buying that cheese log.

Look, I’ve been making low-carb/keto foods for two months. I’m not a newbie, not yet a veteran when it comes to low-carb cooking and baking. But how the hell should I know that it’s better to use hard cheese to get shreds for a recipe as opposed to using soft cheese? (OK, it may be more of a rule for all types of cooking, but I’ve only been shredding cheese from blocks recently. I used to be a sucker for the pre-made bagged shreds, until I found out that some of them contain potato starch, which is oh-so not low-carb friendly.) I felt like a dog with a gimp hind leg trying to lift my leg to take a piss when taking the soft mozzarella cheese to the grater. Shit wasn’t working, so I ended up pulling apart the cheese for my shreds. I was also using more cheese than I should to get to amount I need.


Not surprisingly, the end result could’ve been better in the appearance department. I feel like the use of the soft cheese is why a couple of them aren’t as bagel-shaped as they should be. Fine to use the soft cheese when making a pizza, not so much for baking. But! They tasted lovely. I added a 1/2 teaspoon of onion powder to the mix, and the smells that filled my studio when these babies were baking was the bomb. So while these bagels won’t even qualify for the Miss Low-Carb Bagel Beauty Pageant, they’re a winner in my stomach.