Cooking With Some Chick

Since going low-carb in my eats, I had to say goodbye to some of my faves that I can no longer eat because too many effing carbs. No more oatmeal, no more lasagna or pasta, not even (and this one hurts) Costco chicken bakes, honey. It’s a good thing I like to cook and bake because otherwise my meals would be nothing but fatty meats and dairy and the few pieces of cruciferous vegetable doused in olive oil. And that may sound exciting for some people doing low-carb, but my ass (which, I should mention, has lost over 10 pounds since doing this shit almost a month ago) needs variety!

So I made the following (not all of this in one day, now)…


Keto Oatmeal! Or should it be “noatmeal”? There are plenty of low-carb/keto oatmeal recipes out there, but I’ve turned to this recipe the most because of how flavorful and filling it is. It truly is filling at 27 grams of fatty-fat-fat-fat in just half a cup, which alone gets the Quaker Oats dude shaking in his boots.

I had this yesterday morning, along with a cuppa of homemade Bulletproof coffee. Shout out to Macy’s for the milk frother they sold for $6. I get frothy coffee at home now!

20220205_141101 copy

Keto Chicken Cordon Bleu Casserole! I should note that I’m not doing Keto; it just so happens that many of the low-carb recipes I’ve been following are from Keto foodie sites. The result looks a lot more cheesy in person, and it should: the recipe calls for a whole box of cream cheese. And the crushed pork rinds is not an optional thing; it HAS to be done! Like with mac & cheese (which I need to find a low-carb version of soon), the crunchy top takes the dish to the next level.

And, finally, one of my proudest culinary achievements:

20220127_170103 copy

Low-Carb Costco Chicken Bake! It may not look like it because it came out shorter than it should have and a little too crispy. But that I was able to make one (actually, the recipe gave me three of them) is enough to warrant a happy dance. One thing I didn’t realize was that the dough recipe is very similar to that of Fathead Dough, which is a staple of plenty of “bread-y” low-carb/keto dishes. So I made two firsts in one recipe: Fathead Dough and the chicken bake. I is proud. Not so much the fat-fearing nutritionists out there, but oh well.