My New Liquid Crack

Even before I submitted to the mistress that is Miss Low Carb, I rarely rarely had Liquid Crack, aka Starbucks. I watched that Weight Of The Nation documentary years ago and still remember how much sugar one of their drinks contained. *shudders* Nonetheless, I seldom had one of their sugary concoctions, but I can’t have them anymore. No big loss, but what’s a low carb lifestyle newbie to do when she wants her coffee fix?

Enter these sugar-free saviors…

While researching what low carb-friendly foods I can stuff myself with, I kept seeing Bulletproof coffee, which involves fatty goodness in the forms of MCT oil and grass-fed butter. I never imagined putting oil and butter in my coffee before, and I wondered how I can try this without having to buy all that. Then I found a can of its Original brew at a Safeway last week, and, since they were on sale (lucky me), I bought two cans–one in Original and one in Vanilla. I sampled the Vanilla one first with a few sips. I cannot drink a whole can of anything except water in one sitting.

That shit got me WIRED, honey.

I also saw no need to eat something until my next meal, as I felt satiated from those few sips. To be fair, I did have a regular breakfast with my drink. I’m not gonna ditch my eggs and bacon for that coffee as my only breakfast. But I guess it proves true of the brew’s claim in curbing your hunger. And it didn’t do one thing regular coffees notoriously do: give you the dreaded sugar crash. Because there’s no sugar in a Bulletproof coffee, duh! Somewhere, Starbucks’ Mermaid is shaking in her tail fin.

Inferior reviews aside, I really like the canned stuff. I took some sips of the Original brew this morning, and my energy this afternoon can put the Energizer Bunny to shame. I kid you not: I walked over 7000 steps today and never felt tired. To be fair again, I took a Multivitamin supplement with my breakfast that included B vitamins, so I had twice the jolt. Eventually, I’ll brew up Bulletproof coffee (their grounds are currently 40% off at Target if you have a Target Circle account) myself, but it’s nice to have a ready-made product when you’re on the go, or if you ran out of an ingredient, or if you get lazy as hell to make some.

This review is not part of a promotion whatsoever, and I soooo did not receive a free product for this review.