It’s the end of the year and I’m just saying…

–I’d rather take a genuine bitch than a two-faced twunt. (Side note: “bitch” and “twunt” and even “Karen” are gender-neutral in my book. Men, women, and enbys can be bitches and twunts. It’s all about being inclusive!)

–If one can afford $150 for an hour massage, they can most certainly afford to tip their therapist. (That’s why I automatically add gratuity to the total costs in my private practice.)

–Never trust a so-called man who constantly refer women as “females”.

About niceness

–Someone could be known as the “nicest person on the planet”, but if they’re not following something simple yet important like pandemic rules (aka wearing masks & social distancing around strangers and avoiding mask-less parties during said pandemic), then fuck that “nicest person” shit. That’s being inconsiderate of them, and last time I checked, “inconsiderate” is a synonym for rude asshole.

–Speaking of which, how on effing earth does someone remember a dead person as the “nicest person ever” who “is now in Heaven” when said dead person was an awful bellend in life?! Surely heaven has some standards.

–I’ve become so leery of celebs these days that whenever there’s a media deluge of how “nice” or “awesome” a certain celeb is, chances are that celeb’s got a bunch of bodies buried in their backyard. Double that if it’s the same damn stories I’ve heard so many times before. And bless the ones who keep falling for that shit.

–It’s not “entertainment” nor “news” if irrelevant reality show losers and “influencers” make headlines on so-called entertainment news sites. Yet another reason why pop culture these days is not fun and genuine anymore.

–If more people paid attention to the Kylie that has talent, style, grace, beauty, and fabulousness instead of that other one who got famous because her half-sister was in a yawner of a sex tape, the world would be a slightly better place!

–Never ever trust a website that doesn’t allow their users to curse or even write out “sex” in their posts (I know, bizarre AF!), but allows them to freely spread Covid misinformation. I’d mention the site here but I’d rather not give them any shine. (You would too if you knew of this site.) All I can say is that almost all of their users are obsessive, psychotic liars, to say the least.

–That eBay only allows buyers to leave negative feedback to bad sellers but doesn’t allow sellers to do the same for bad buyers is un-fucking-fair. I sell stuff on eBay to the side, and had a non-paying buyer recently. It’s foolish that I’m unable to let other sellers know about a problematic buyer via feedback. Revise that rule, eBay!

–Athletes who keep thanking God every time they win need to also blame God when they lose. The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away, y’know.

–Crypto.com Arena is the stupidest venue name out there. Staples Center forever!

–Season 7 of RuPaul’s Drag Race, as maligned as it’s been by others, and despite some of its dubious challenges and edits, is still one of my favorite seasons. It was also the season that gave us IJS! (see GIF)

–Anyone who says that the 80s and 90s had the “worst-ever” music is also not to be trusted at all, is likely a youth raised on shallow, autotuned trash, and needs to enter therapy last week.

–Any Reddit poster who constantly trashes the old generations (Boomer or X) while claiming they’re from one of those old generations…is likely a Gen-Z’er karma-whoring.

–Cats rule. But they can also be bitches. Source: am a former cat owner. I’d be a current cat owner, but my apartment doesn’t allow cats or any other pets except service animals. *weeps*