Bad Girl Weekend

After seeing the eyesore that is an unnecessary big-ass display of Carolina Herrera’s “Good Girl” perfume at Macy’s, two things. 1) When is there gonna be a “Bad Girl” perfume? I can never own something with a name that you say to either your female pet, or submissive in a BDSM scene, or if you’re an ignorant choad being condescending to a woman. And 2) here are some weekend tunes for the bad girl in me, courtesy of three of my music queens, two of which recently celebrated a birthday. (Fittingly that they’re Scorpios!)

I love me some Peaches! There’s more to her than that one song you heard in Lost In Translation. I’ve seen her live three times and she was electric in her performances. 

If you don’t know who Kathleen Hanna (lead singer of Bikini Kill) is, then you don’t know Riot Grrl rock! Kinda sad that she and Courtney Love didn’t get along during grunge rock’s heyday, because their duet that only exists in an alternative universe would’ve been one for the ages. 

Finally, yesterday marked the 25th anniversary of the release of Lil Kim’s “Hard Core” album. The whole album is forever fire, and, besides “No Time”, here are my most-played tracks from it.

Wild opinion: this song does more for feminism than some of the so-called feminist anthems out there. You don’t get more girl power than a woman wanting her share, even if it’s in the bedroom. 

That last track, by the way, inspired me to write a poem involving all my Hollywood crushes. No joke! 

And in the words of the Queen Bee herself, “Beside every man is a Bad Girl”! So take that, Carolina.