Posey Pride


This is SF Giants player/3X World Series champ/precious eye candy Buster Posey, who has just announced his retirement from the MLB. I’m gonna miss this man!

My Posey story: I attended the 2013 Giants Fanfest, and while walking around…wherever the hell I was (the basement floor that leads to the locker room, I guess?), I noticed this small entourage not too far behind me. In the middle was the man himself, surrounded by a couple of security dudes and other people. I don’t remember if I said anything to him, and I’m kind of surprised I didn’t turn into a puddle of panty pudding after seeing him in the flesh. What I do remember were the shrieks of Posey fans as he kept walking. Them girls were LOUD!

Meeting Posey

With a smile like the one he’s giving me here and there will be no dispute of that, can you blame those fangirls?

His retirement announcement was unexpected, and if only this year’s Giants were able to win at least one more ring for him. (Bitch-ass Dodgers!) But riding off into the sunset with accomplishments like his are nothing to scoff at.

Happy Trails, Posey! You will definitely be missed from the game.

And since it’s also Throwback Thursday, my absolute favorite highlight of his: the Buster Hugs!