Party Of One – The Sequel!

It’s my birthday, bitches! And while other born-day celebrants today would hit the clubs, a fancy restaurant, or have a house party thrown by friends, I was feeling spicy this year. I did laundry! I cleaned my floors! I cooked food! And before you snicker, one of my birthday traditions for the past eight years or so is not leaving home. At all. Even if I’m out-of-town and in my rental home or hotel room, I don’t go out. Why should I bother going out and possibly encountering assholes or shit situations that could likely ruin my special day? Plus, I normally do laundry and floor-cleaning on Saturdays. It’s a habit.

Birthday food! To the left is my birthday cake, which I got for half-off at Safeway a couple months ago. Hey, it held up well in the freezer the whole time. To the right is a pot of chicken bacon ranch mac & cheese–homemade, honey. I originally was going to order some mac & cheese from Homeroom (which used to have a chicken bacon ranch dish), but I know I can cook up a mean mac & cheese myself. And while the breadcrumbs didn’t toast as I wanted it to, the taste was divine. Fattening as hell, but divine. That dish was so good, I ended up making my birthday wishes on my mac & cheese instead of on the cake.

If you also want to fatten your butt like me, here’s the recipe for that. (The recipe doesn’t call for breadcrumbs, by the way; I just added it myself.)


Birthday pampering, Part One! Y’all, I was feeling for something vampy this time around. I thought about getting Chanel’s “Vamp” with my Macy’s b-day coupon, but $18 for a small-ass bottle of nail polish plus having to wait for it since they don’t sell Chanel nail polish in Macy’s stores (not the ones near me) didn’t sit well with me. I found out that Revlon’s “Vixen” was a good dupe for “Vamp” and it was only $7. The color on dat thang! Unf. Also, my polish looks a lot more smoothed-out than it does in the pic there. I had just painted them.

As for presents, I may not have been gifted a filthy foursome with Irina Shayk, Aiden Turner, and Michael B. Jordan for tonight. Maybe next year. But Godiva cherry-filled chocolates and a free Replica fragrance sampler set from Sephora, among other gifts, is nothing to scoff at! Besides, until I get that foursome, the gift of your favorite baseball team winning the World Series right before your b-day is hard to top!

Now to treat mahself even more. I’m gonna online shop (Pat McGrath just had to start her Fall sale today) and play some games on the Wii. Aww yiss.

Tomorrow I go out and continue Part Two of my birthday pampering. Yours Oldly is getting herself a massage and some hot tub time at a spa. I am SO overdue for a massage. So my Halloween costume this year will be something rare–a relaxed and pampered woman. I’ll probably put on a robe, slippers, face cream, and cucumbers over my eyes for added effect.