Retail Therapy

mini TJ Maxx haul!

If there’s one thing that can take me away from the pinche basura that happened last Thursday, (yes, I’m still a bitter bitch about it), it’s shopping! And my little haul from TJ Maxx recently soothed the savage breast beast in me. Best of all, those items were all found in the clearance sections! The two candles normally go for $3.00 more at TJs than how much I got them. And I’m glad they were not used; I mention this because I found out some ingrates are now returning their used candles to TJs, and they end up in the clearance shelves. Come on, now. 

I have to say that the Replica travel fragrance was THE find out of the haul. I got that for $10, and it originally goes for $30! (The whole haul costs less than that!) And it didn’t even looked used! And-and, ooooh it smells so good. My body and my studio will be smellin’ like heaven now.