Current Mood

Welp. My Giants’ otherwise memorable season just had to end so soon. On a shit call (out of many shit calls today) by a shit ump, I must add.

I was prepared for the worst, however. If it wasn’t for having Married With Children on my TV (I got all the episodes on DVD and yes I still watch some shows on DVD) while listening to the KNBR broadcast of the Giants game (because TBS stands for “The Biased SlutsForDodgers”), I would’ve been crying over this loss. Oh, who am I kidding–I don’t cry for any favorite sports team when it comes to playoff shit. My all-time favorite sitcom softened the blow and I just watched Marcy strip in front of Steve to make him to shave off his beard that she hates. Bahahahaha ah fuck.

Also, thank goodness for hockey.

Edit to add: realizing that the Houston Asterisks, who still have never been reprimanded over their cheating ways, got to advance over the Giants (who had never cheated for their World Series wins, need I remind y’all) and being reminded how much the Bums overpaid for players to join their team and now my mood is this:

Yeah, thank goodness for hockey. And weed.