When My Faves Collide

I’m a slut for both makeup and sports, so of course Colourpop just had to do an NBA collab to tempt me to break my no-buy on eyeshadow palettes. Oddly, the one palette that attracts me the most is of a team I normally don’t root for–the Mavericks. I’ve been looking for a palette with some pretty blues; it’s the one color story I don’t have in my collection. As for who in the NBA should model those purdy colors, it should be Ben Simmons. Ben is on the verge of being unemployed by the league; if he really needs the work, he might as well take his talents to Team CP and be the face of this line. Including wearing the glitter stickers!

MLB collab when Colourpop? Although this being Colourpop aka the undisputed leader of fast beauty, that will likely be released next week.

Pic courtesy of Makeup Muddle