Glam & Fashion In One GIF

I haven’t done as many Throwback Thursdays as I’ve wanted to lately. For this month, all TTs will pay tribute to some of the fun things that went down in 1991. Because, y’know, thirty year anniversary and all that stuff to make some of you feel really old. And for today’s TT, I am feeling for–wait for it–glamour and fashion! I could post a bunch of vintage captures, but there just happens to be a single GIF that encapsulates all the style of that year: 

So much fashion and 90s supermodel glam in one GIF. Those nepotism cases that get passed off as “models” these days could never. If the recent Fashion Week shows in NYC and Paris bored the shit out of you (and I’m betting a dollar it did), may that GIF be balm for your eyes. The video of that moment is also worth a watch!