The Withdrawal

Me after going without two of my vices, crunchy foods and weed, for 15 days because of my wisdom teeth yoinking:

it's day 15!!

Oh jiminy criminy, it blows to go without those two for so long. I actually can do without weed for a bit (shocker, I know), but I feel like I need to reward myself with a little toke for resisting the urge to stuff my mouth with some greasy chips all this time. I got advised by my oral surgeon doctor dude to refrain from crunchy foods and anything that would cause dry mouth (like weed *sobs*) for at least a month after my surgery. Normally, I like to bend some rules, but I also read about dry socket and, like me whenever I see candy corn or edamame anything, I’m all, “not in my mouth!” I can’t be kept away from my cereal, though. I let it get soggy before I eat it, so ha!