Friday Night Rant

Ya know, if I was in politics, I’d rather work my tail off on getting a bill that will make the rich pay their share of taxes as opposed to pushing the message on my rental dress at some overrated event populated by a bunch of egotistic, out-of-touch, rich bitches that I know will look the other way when they see said message on my dress.

Yep, I had to say it, AOC. I still like you and will vote for you if and when you run for President. But, in the words of queen Tatianna, choices.

Side note: who in the hell is getting invited to the Mess Gala these days? Yeah, I know it’s all to support some museum, but if the likes of the Real Housewives, some reality show hobbit, and Crappi B get to attend and are considered “fashion” these days, I’d rather be out of style (which, if you look at my wardrobe, I’ve been so for years) and have the museum go broke!