Bring These Back!

Because of my wisdom teef extraction, I can’t chew gum or have mints to freshen my breath for a while. I’d turn to basic breath sprays, but I would rather have Ice Breakers “Liquid Ice” revived. I didn’t know these were discontinued! Those little itty bitties of minty goodness that you’d simply let dissolve in your mouth–no chewing necessary–were my jam during my college years! Sometimes I’d take a walk on the wild side and pop in three or four at a time. (And risk getting mint burn while clearing up my sinuses in the process.) If there really is a revival of 2000s-era pop culture happening, why isn’t Liquid Ice being brought back?! 

And if they do get revived, I’m gonna call it and say there will be a Liquid Ice Challenge happening. It sure beats that stupid-ass Tide Pod challenge. 

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