Give Me Legends!

I keep seeing these beauty brands and collabs involving those who-dats not even worthy of Z-list status, aka social media influencers, and I’m wondering when will I ever see a collab involving someone I’ve actually heard of? Like a real celebrity that’s worth my time? I was browsing stuff on the Sephora app recently, and two things. One: what’s a Hyram? And two: when I saw that Addison Rae, supposedly an influencer but I really don’t know her, is going to do something with Sephora (really?), I instantly went to YouTube to watch this clip of forever A-list celebrity star queen goddess of everything Dame Joan Collins as Alexis Carrington Colby to give me real star power!

Iconic! Dame Joan may not be doing a collab with Sephora anytime soon, but that’s Sephora’s loss. Sephora would be grateful if Dame Joan bothered to think about them.

And granted, some celebs are major enough to launch their own brand, but for once I just want to see a brand collab with a true legend like, oh, Dolly Parton or Mariah Carey. A Dolly-inspired eyeshadow palette? Lipsticks curated by Mimi and named after her greatest hits? Take my money already!