What Time Is It? Jazz Festival Time!

(Note: I wrote most of this Monday afternoon, especially the first paragraph.)

I’m still kind of worn out from all the walking and dancing I did yesterday at the San Jose Jazz Festival, and I’m also coming out of a churro daze (I made churros for dessert and they were scrump-diddly-umptious). So if this post reads like someone coming off a hash bender wrote it, my lingering lethargy is the reason why. (“Oh, but isn’t that how you normally write?”–you) 


Seen from the entrance of the festival.

Prior to getting there, I faced a few minor setbacks. I almost forgot my hand sanitizer at home. I made the very-Mensa move by buying my lawn chair the day of the festival. And only the expensive ones were in-stock at Target. (Oh, and I didn’t bother using the chair in the end. Easy return, I guess.) When I arrived in SJ, I couldn’t find the parking area where I made a parking reservation at. It was only until I settled for street parking that things started to look up. For one, street parking in downtown SJ is free on Sundays, and I parked just a block away from the main festivities!



Some of the artwork spotted at the event. That’s supposed to be Kobe but he’s got his afro from his #8 jersey days and the face is giving me drunk Will Smith with corny B-movie villain eyebrows. 


Views of the main stage while some event goers jam to the music. 


Performer Tia Carroll with the Greaseland All-Stars on the Big Easy Stage. What a singer! 

The park at downtown SJ couldn’t hold all the stages in one spot (there are six stages and the park only accomodated two), and when I heard that there was a stage for Latin Jazz performances a block away, I made a beeline over there. 

IMG_20210815_153803454 copy

Not surprising, there were plenty of people getting their mambo on!


Not pictured: me doing the same thing. Taking selfies while in motion is kind of tough. 

The main act and more is after the cut!

After having lunch in my car (event food was kind of expensive, and I’m still a little leery over eating outdoors around others), I went back to the park to see the one act I and many others came to see: Morris Day and The Time, yo! This is my second time seeing them live, with the first happening back in 2009 when they played at Cache Creek casino. 


I know I said here that I chose to keep my distance from others during the show. And I did…in the beginning. As grateful as I am to have zoom lens on my camera (which captured the image above), I felt like a basic ho for not living shit up. I hate that feeling! A little illustration on how far I was from the action…



My camera zoom of the main stage at 15X (IIRC) from where I sat. 


My camera zoom of the main stage from afar at normal, from where I sat. This was how far I was from the action. I did see this youngster near me jammin’ to the music, though.


Go on wit’cho bad self, kid!

For all the staying-safe points I earned from my original seating choice, I also gained some lame points. At that moment, I thought, OK, I got two masks on me and I’m fully vaccinated, and as long as I keep my distance from others in that crowd (most of whom weren’t masked and hell if I know if they got their shots), I should be fine. Right? Right?! I took a risk and went into the crowd. 

DSC06032 copy

Not a bad view from where I stood. And I had plenty of space in between others, so I was good. Hey, look, it’s Jerome behind Morris!

Morris played the hits: Fishnets, Get It Up, The Walk, Oak Tree, Gigolos Get Lonely Too…and The Bird and Jungle Love, of course. At one point, the man invited some women up on stage. He did this the last time I saw him, and twelve years later I still remember that Carmen Electra-lookalike wearing a hot pink shirt and tight pants, bouncing her T&A like she was on the main stage at Spearmint Rhino. I wish I got her number. 



Since 2021 is a way different animal than 2009, I was hoping that Morris and his crew got their shots because most of those ladies went up there sans mask. I hope those women got their shots, too, but oof. I still get a little nervous when I see a bunch of maskless people, outdoors or indoors. It was kind of a hoot to see those mostly-middle-aged women shake their thang, though. 

One really hilarious moment: one of Morris’ guys was trying to hype up the crowd, but he kept getting the city wrong. Dude kept saying “San Antonio, CA” to us, and you bet there was some boos that came his way. Morris had to correct him, of course! 


This is him (dude in fedora)–Mr. San Antonio, CA. I got to sneak in the VIP section after the show, and I ended up getting a pic with Mr. San Antonio, CA. Morris had already scuttled off with his fur coat and Jerome holding the mirror for him. I still had a fun time, and it was great to see The Time once more. But next time they perform, Covid better be controlled by then! 


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