I Made Another Thing


Homemade comfort food for a Hump Day Night: cheesy potatoes au gratin, courtesy of this recipe! I’ve made this dish before, but chose to follow someone else’s recipe for a change. I’m quite impressed with theirs. Although I’m not sure why the author thinks this dish is a way to “a man’s heart”; it’s the way to a slut’s heart, too! *points at self* 

Since I’m a rebel, I didn’t follow that recipe in full. I sliced my potatoes pretty thin (like almost paper-thin; because of this, I used more potatoes), didn’t use onions, layered extra shredded cheese in between a few layers of potato because cheese whore, topped the dish with bread crumbs for some crispy crispy, and I mixed a few pinches of–get this–pumpkin pie spice in the cheese sauce. Wanted that taste of autumn in summer. The recipe also says to bake in a typical 9 X 13 casserole dish, but I stuffed it all in a regular 8 X 8 pan and it worked fine. And the taste was diviiiiiine. Now I got another waistline-expander to drown my sorrows over the death of one of the ZZ Top guys. *sighs, takes a few more bites of my dish*