This week’s (very late) Happy Monday is brought to you by Hidilyn Diaz, the weightlifter who not only won the very first Olympic gold medal for the country of my ancestors (that would be the Philippines), but is also making the exact same pose there that I made when I got the last box of Twix Ice Cream bars at my local Dollar Tree last week. (Fun fact: she’s also the first female athlete to win an Olympic medal for her country.) Hmmm, now that I think about it, I’m not sure if this really is a Happy Monday post. I mean, I thought I was hot shit when I moved some bookshelves into my home all on my own, but after reading Hidilyn’s recent accomplishments, I’m a super-mega pansy-ass Bieber-fan weakling compared to her! How dare she!

If Hidilyn needs something to do when all this Olympic stuff is over, she’s always welcome to visit the states and throw those sexist gamer trash-heaps of Activision Blizzard into a boiling vat of lye. You know she’s strong enough to carry and throw six of them at a time.