And Glamour Is Served

It may be the end of Pride month today, but Pride never ends in my home! While some are already gearing up to celebrate ‘Murica Day, I’m still recovering from the immense eleganza that got served my way when I rewatched that clip from Pose above. When I originally watched that Fairy Tale Extravaganza weeks ago, I swear, my nips stayed hard from excitement long after that episode finished. I resorted to looking at a pic of the Dodgers to deflate my nip boner.

Pose is one of my favorite shows, and I’m bummed that it had to end after only three seasons. Shitty reality shows have lasted longer, and that’s an injustice in itself! That scene alone should have given Pose at least three more seasons. That clip served up more fashun, whimsy, and GLAMOUR than any red carpet show and Met Gala event from the past seven years. About the only thing that can probably come close to matching that is if there’s a ball dedicated to international style icon Bai Ling. Come on Mama Ru–Night of 1000 Bai Lings on Drag Race right now!