Viva La Cher

And now for something that’s not trash at all. In honor of icon of all things legendary Cher, who recently celebrated her 75th birthday this week, here’s my one Cher moment. From November 2018 in Las Vegas! (I had my 34th b-day in Vegas, and I’ll write about all dat in another entry one day.) This might as well be another entry for my Travel Slut Diaries, since I did some traveling to get to her show.


At The Park Theater, Monte Carlo Hotel in Vegas. 

I initially didn’t plan on going to a show of hers, and I thought Vegas shows featuring an iconic performer would cost me an arm, leg, an eyeball, and one buttcheek for nosebleed seats. Then I found out that tickets to a Friday night show of hers were discounted! I forgot how much, but they were affordable for me to get me a seat and finally bask in the iconicness that is Cher! 


The view from my seat, which, IIRC, were aisle seats in the upper level. I always make an effort to get aisle seats in a show or game. No scooting my butt in front of strangers to sit down. 


And the legend herself, in her opening number! Sure, her wig there looks like a tuft of Gritty’s pubes, but she still got it! I forgot what song she performed here, and I will say that she sang live…99% of the time. She allowed a bit of pre-recorded vocals during “Believe”, but it didn’t really bother me and it was just that one song. There was also a moment where she shared some story to the audience, and, IIRC, at the end of it, she mentioned doing her Vegas shows at her age, and then quipped, “so what’s your grandma doing?” The packed house roared from that. 

Some of my favorite captures from her show:

DSC01170 copy

One of the few times she danced!

DSC01175 copy

Going back to her Sonny & Cher roots. 


Entering her House of Burlesque…


She got gams! 


The wigs were out in full force that night! And…and is that a pastie I see on her?! 


Yep, she performed “If I Could Turn Back Time” in the exact same getup from her video and she pretty much looks the same as she did then. Now, if I were Cher’s age and I tried wearing something I wore from 30 years ago, it would be a felony because I’d be making people lose their eyesight and appetite.  

Just as impressive as Cher still kicking ass at 500 is my then-five-year-old Sony Cybershot camera (which is also 500 in tech world years and I still use it today), which captured all the images in this post!