Trash Vs. Trash

Welcome to UTF (Ultimate Twunt Fight), March 2021 edition! In one corner, we have a hypocritical meatsac sorry excuse of a human being who enjoys jacking off the smooth brains who worship Orange Hitler. In the other corner, we have some hoodrat (who also “raps”, I guess), who’s really trying to make us forget that she threw parties during a pandemic, admitted to drugging and robbing men during her stripper days, and also did this trashy ho shit (which is par for the course for her). All over a whack song I will never listen to because my time and ears are precious, and I’m also a demure lady.

Place your bets, people! Fair warning: no matter who you root for, you lose either way! Because while fascism-loving opportunists are one of the things ruining this country, ignorant, selfish assholes (and the ones who blindly celebrate them) who can’t do anything better than skank out every time are also to blame. 

Yeah, yeah, I know I adore some celebs who’ve been trashy at times. But compared to Crappi B, my faves are pure-as-snow saints. 

Also, the hell happened to Dlisted these days? 

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