Fuck Yo 2AM Hour (Again)

Me realizing that we (except for you guys in Hawaii and Arizona) will all be losing an hour of sleep in a couple hours and that it takes at least a day for me to adjust to the new hours BUT knowing I still have to wake up early for work tomorrow because I didn’t take Sunday off…

Daylight Savings Time in March usually doesn’t bother me, work-wise. But my temp job has me starting my shift early every day I work. So the time shift will be fun, except no it fucking won’t.

I swear, next year on Spring’s DST I will take that day off from work! Until then, I’m gonna propose a new law: federal holiday for all on Spring’s DST! Fuck all work that day! (“Way ahead of ya, honey”–you who work Monday-to-Friday jobs or don’t work at all) I cannot be the only one who wants to sleep in that day needs time to adjust to the new hours.