I Don’t Forget

The conversation I had with someone who lives in my apartment building, from last June, regarding Covid…

Me (it went something along the lines of): I’m not going back to my regular job until this Covid thing blows over. 

Them: you know, I don’t believe the whole Coronavirus is real. I know God will take care of it and this whole thing will be over soon…

Basically, they were a Bible-thumping Covid denier. Who was reluctant to wear a mask, so that’s three strikes on them. 

Eight months later, my conversation with this same someone…

Me: I also got my 1st shot of the Covid vaccine.

Them: oh, I did, too. I got my second shot recently–

Ya know, if that someone was not one of the property managers of the apartment I’m in, I would’ve gladly brought up that thing they said back in June and really laid it on thick. This someone looks old but not 65+ old. Or maybe they are, I dunno. Even if they changed their views on Covid in those eight months (which looks unlikely since I still see them going maskless), what they said then really warped my views on this person whom I thought was cool. 

Also *RANT ALERT* the pandemic really shined a light in some people. Like a black light to a motel room. I look forward to late March when I’m fully vaccinated and the eventual time when we can live without masks again. (Although I’ll keep mines around during allergy season and when I don’t feel like waxing my ‘stache.) But even when all this blows over, I shall not forget all the fools who thought Covid was a hoax (and double that for the deniers who had the audacity to get the vaccine), all the ingrates who never bothered to wear a mask in public (even the “likeable” celebs–yes, I had to bring this up), all the selfish twunts who partied and took long-distance leisure vacations during the pandemic, and all the “politicians” who blocked any kind of pandemic relief and the dipshits who voted for them. Despicable, the lot of them. 


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