Not My Kind Of Fantasy

Me when I dick around on Reddit or Tumblr (I know, I know) and I have the misfortune of reading how some fangirls or fanboys or fan-enbys want their faves/crushes to “punch” or “choke” them, or in the case of this Adam Driver post, “step on my throat” (yeesh):

Hey, I too want Adam to do some crazy freaky triple-X things to me, no shame at all, but not that kind of shit!!! And I know I got some interesting fetishes, but I draw the line at someone going Fist Brown on me. What is up with some people wet-dreaming about their faves doing something demented and abusive to them? Even if it’s all consensual, eh…I just cannot wrap my head around it. I guess fantasizing over your faves/crushes for a simple makeout and hearty orifice-ramming is now uncool with the kids these days. Now they want the UFC Special. Blech!

**UPDATE: so I got a message saying that the line from that AD post came from John Oliver’s show and that it was all a gag. Before you bring out the donkey to bray at me, my ass doesn’t have the luxury of subscribing to HBO, nor did I hear about that until just now, so how should I know its context? It also doesn’t explain all those crazies on Tumblr and elsewhere who fantasize about being a “punching bag” to all the members of BTS.