And Now, A Trivial Reddit Rant…

One thing I noticed from reading Reddit this past week (that’s not political): some posters there really hate the hell out of Amber Heard. “Fuck Amber Heard that abusive bitch free Johnny Depp he innocent!!!!” was the gist from those posts, of which I saw an influx of this past weekend.

OK, yeah, Amber sucks, but Johnny sucks too. And this is coming from someone who used to adore and swoon over Johnny 15 years ago. Then, sometime around 2012-2013, all those years of drugs and booze and God-knows-what-other-shit joined forces to battle Derp’s hotness and, surprisingly, won. Him making those “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies for the 215th time didn’t help. Around the same time, he left his long-time girlfriend whom he had his children with in favor of a basic blonde old enough to be his daughter. Then I remembered his hotel trashing with ex-GF Kate Moss and those rumors of him being involved with River Phoenix’ fatal overdose at the Viper Room. But of course the smooth-brained Derp stans on Reddit trying to canonize that Indian corn-teethed, smelly scarf-covered germ bomb forgot about their deity’s past, choosing to solely focus on how evil “Amber Turd” is. Newsflash, Derp stans: 

they both suck!

And Derp and Turd deserve each other. They need to kiss and make up, preferably in their poopy bed. 

By the way, Reddit can’t knock down an abusive actress while at the same time sending all the upvotes to a sans fards pic featuring the prettiest supporter of pedo supreme Woody Allen. But I also remember seeing some notable assholes like Elon Muskrat and this Covid-stricken rapist LOSER being mentioned in the “Uplifting News” sub (which can be basura at times, but then that’s just my cynical ass talking), so here’s another side-eye to add to the overflowing buckets of side-eyes for Reddit.