Ballot Fuckery!

The Good: I received my ballot for the upcoming election today. (Side note: I had a long-ass work day today, so seeing that my ballot arrived cheered up my tired ass. I didn’t expect it!) 

The Crappy: THIS SHIT. 


No, I did not make a crappy circle on my ballot; I edited the pic in Preview. I am puzzled over why my state would include that deranged GOP pawn on the ballot. But I’m also puzzled that Gayfish is listed as a “Vice President” instead of “President” *snickers* like he supposedly wanted. Since I have a brain (sort of), a soul (also sort of), and a burning desire to kick out Chump, I did not vote for that thing. I don’t even know Roque Guerra. I don’t even care if he’s remotely related to heavenly demure enchantress Vida Guerra! If you’re not in the Blue, no vote for you! 

And if you think it was only my ballot that got tainted with Gayfish’s name, another CA resident saw the same damn thing.