Kiss My Sass!

I gone and done it: I changed my domain name! Long live I already had the new name ready, but when I finally had time to make the switch, “kissmysass” was taken. (Booooo!) So I added something to it and it worked.

Why that name? Oh, kiss my sass, that’s why. I like the sound of it and I know I’ve shown sass in some most of my posts. Why run from the truth? I also have plans in the near future to start another blog that focuses solely on my work. Separate that from all the nonsense I’ve spewed here. I’d like to host that on WP but I would like to check out my other blogging options.

As for my pen name…I’m still mulling over that. I know I said I wanted to drop “Sage Leone”, but I’ve been rethinking that decision and that nom de plume is *gasp* appealing to me again. So if any of yous dare try to snatch that name away from me…ah well, I’ll come up with something else.

In the meantime, I’m gonna enjoy that new site address smell while it’s still fresh.