A Falafel Epiphany

Since discovering Trader Joe’s falafel mix years ago, I’ve been baking my falafel as opposed to frying them. I don’t remember the last time I fried them prior to yesterday. I figured baking them was better because, y’know, less oil used, supposedly healthier for you, and all that jazz. And they taste fine when baked, but after finally taking some time to fry my falafel for din-din last night and tasting the finished product, an epiphany (and some good-ass falafel) coursed through my body. Fried falafel is BETTER!!!

To wit, I made falafel balls and fried them according to the box instructions. The result was a crispy, dark golden crust and chewy filling.


I baked some falafel patties earlier for lunch. (I made more for din-din so it was practically Falafel Monday for me.) In this pic below, the baked stuff is up top while the fried ones are on the bottom. The differences are clear. (In fairness, I sometimes like my falafel kinda crunchy, which I’d get from baking.) 


And the case of making falafel is now settled. I’m frying them from now on! My stomach wins!