Balm For The Eyes

The eyes of Amber Valetta have it.

This week’s Throwback Thursday post is brought to you by the fine works of legendary photographer Herb Ritts, who would’ve celebrated his birthday today. No snark: I am forever fascinated with Ritts’ work! No photographer today can come close to his signature brand of natural sensuality–a quality that needs to be brought back in today’s super skanked-out world.

The master and the muse: Ritts with model Alek Wek.

Ritts’ work is what I sometimes turn to when I need balm for the eyes after subjecting myself to inane celebrity gossip (which I do on the daily, I know, I know). I have to say, however: some of the people he photographed the most (Julia Roberts, Johnny Derp (typo stays!), Tom Cruise…) would end up being complete asshats that I’d also read about in said inane celeb gossip. Nonetheless, that he was one of the top image-makers of his time, who captured an era of celebrity, music, and fashion that can never be duplicated, is extraordinary in the truest sense.

And now I shall leave you with one of my favorite music videos that Ritts directed. The sensuality from Laetitia Casta alone is so damn scalding to this day that today’s try-hard tricks with their cartoonish lips, tits, & asses and wax figure faces would dissolve into a smelly puddle of melted plastic parts if they saw this video. (Oh, how I wish!)


Credit to Pleasure Photo @ WP for the Ritts pics (and images of many more great photographers!)