I Love A Good Hand, er, Paint Job

One thing that’s more enjoyable than following my favorite baseball team (who are currently losing to a bunch of cheaters): manicures!

Confession: I don’t really go to salons to get my nails done. This may be hard to believe, but I got my very first mani-pedi just two years ago. While I enjoy the feet soak and hand paraffin I get from getting mani-pedis at salons, I can also do without them (and, yes, that sounds hard to believe, too). Plus, I prefer to throw my money at other things, like nail polish. And the amount of nail polishes that I have is something I should be embarrassed about, but I’m not. *files nails*

And I think I may have found THE nail polish of the summer!

This go-round, I painted my paws and piggies in Zoya’s “Faye”. While it’s listed as a “purple” color, it’s quite dichroic. In sunlight, the gold shimmer comes thru and my nails look more “nude gold” than purple. Even when looking at the bottle, you can’t tell there’s purple mixed in.



But in low light, the “purple” (more like a mauve) shows up.


A note that you may not care about: the pics above are photoshop-free. (I’m saving all of my PS for when I take my author portrait for my upcoming book.) So if you’re wondering why my finish looks different than what Google Search shows, there’s your reason why.

Still, the finish is nothing like I’ve seen from a polish. It’s much stun!

(Edited because I had to shrink my huge-ass pics!)

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