Step Into My Kitchen

…Which is also only a couple feet away from my bed because studio living, and that’s ideal for a food slut like me.

Even before Quarantine Life became a thing, I’ve always enjoyed and preferred cooking at home. I save some dough from not eating out, I know what’s going into my dishes, and while the end result almost always doesn’t look Instagram-worthy, it tastes good in the end, and that’s all that matters.

Lately, I’ve been feeling for churros. Then I saw a recipe for “churro waffles” and my instant reactions were “gimme NOW” from my stomach, but my brain went “that’s a thing?!” and “why didn’t I discover it sooner?!?!” My churro cravings were still raging so I decided to make it a thing this morning midday because I sleep in on my days-off.

The recipe I followed* (and get yourself a waffle maker if you don’t have one):

*Almost all the way–I adjusted the servings to 4 because I’m only fattening my butt here. This resulted in 3 waffles. I snuck in a dash of cinnamon to the waffle mix to make it more cinnamon-y. Also, I didn’t do the chocolate sauce part; I already had jarred chocolate sauce on me.

The end result!


It’s a lot more sugary and toasty-looking in person, I swear. And I can taste the churro flava! I also used a bit of my chocolate sauce, but I was more content with classic maple syrup and buttah. Whatever topping I used, I was already one more meal towards diabeetus with the churro waffles, but it’s always sweet taking trips to sugar heaven.

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