Oh Honey, NO

Normally, fans meeting celebs don’t bother me. (I do get a little envious when they get to meet my faves.) So you’d think, in this time of a global pandemic where we gotta mask up, practice social distancing, and stay home as much as we can, celebs wouldn’t be able to meet their fans. And you’d think the supposed “good celebrities” would be following the new pandemic guidelines, right?

Nope! First Captain America running around mask-less with his new lady in London, and now *gasps* the beloved John Wick?!?!

Screen Shot 2020-07-28 at 4.27.05 PM

In any other year, those pics would be innocuous. Right now, though?

And, sadly, that’s not the first time he’s gone out sans mask and social distance (clock the date of the post).

*sighs* It was just a year ago that I was a proud Keanu fan (but not a stan–I don’t stan for anyone because I know my faves will fuck up one way or another) who needed a coaster placed under her whenever his name was mentioned. Now, well…I’m still a fan in some ways, but I am much disappointment over this latest move. Don’t care how likable someone is–if they’re not taking this Covid shit seriously, I will be side-eyeing their ignant ass. It doesn’t help that there’s some revealing gossip on K’s mom, I mean, that chick that looks like his mom that he happens to be dating (see link above, and–fair warning–you’ll be sucked into that site).