Listening To…(7/24)

No, not Taylor Swift’s latest album. (But go buy it anyway to piss off Gayfish.) Any of yous remember Princess Superstar? I first heard of her when I listened to the “Thinking XXX” soundtrack, about 12 years ago. She had a song on it that was so deliciously tawdry…


(By the way, this song is not the one I listened to on that soundtrack. I tried finding the actual version, which is remixed by Felix Da Housecat, but it’s not on YT! Boooooo!)

Anyone who happily sings about her coochie is my kind of pop tart! I’ve gotten into more of her songs since discovering her (very late, I should add). I stopped listening to them when I got on a 90s dance bender eight years ago that…is actually still happening. But I’ve been bumping jams from the 2000s lately, and her songs are on one of my 2000s-era playlists. Something about her music sends me back to that decade of Brangelina and celeb chicks papped without panties, before social media, wretched “influencers”, and ugly-ass frayed skinny pants.




She doesn’t sing about men who did her wrong and broken hearts, and she doesn’t need to. Her knack for being both kitschy and naughty is enduring.

PS has been in the music scene since the late 90s, but I haven’t heard a thing from her since 2008 when she released this club banger. To be fair, I don’t follow her, and maybe she’s been putting out stuff that I have no clue of.

I’ll always have this anthem of demureness and grace, however.



Why this song didn’t go triple-platinum and snatched all the Grammys when it was released remains one of the music industry’s biggest crimes!