Laundry Shop Eleganza!

Who needs to read about endless updates from some egotistic, permanent asshat rapper whacked out on wowee sauce and the enabling, attention-starved, no-substance klan he’s associated with, when the REAL news we should all be paying attention to is located in a laundry shop in Taiwan? Via this site (after finding it on Reddit), what happens when your forgetful ass doesn’t pick up your laundry from the shop? You get its owners wearing your duds and putting on a fashion show on social media for the ages!

A couple (who oddly remind me of my lolo and lola that scolded me for hogging too much lumpia at their dinner parties) matching their shoes, too? In the words of Raja and Raven, toot!

When this 84-year-old couple possess more pose game, face serving, and camera appeal than the Hadid sisters, and a lot more style than my frumpy, 35-year-old ass going to the laundromat, you know they are boss. And look at gramps in LL Cool J attire up there. Homeboy probably busted out his best rendition of “I Need Love” to his wife, complete with him licking his lips, while wearing that.

Their social media posts tell others to “don’t forget to pick up your laundry”, but this is the one time forgetfulness is a blessing. For if those people all remembered to pick up their clothes in the first place, then this fun story would not have happened in the first place, and we’d have to read about another piece on that psycho asshat rapper or some anti-mask Karen instead, and where’s the fun in that?

Pics courtesy of Mothership