Flashback Friday

I know, I haven’t posted in a while. I’ve been busy with my temp job, editing my story, and going on hikes lately. (I live near plenty of regional parks, and I’d rather walk around a park than an open shopping center full of future Leopards Ate My Face accounts.) I’m still editing, and also considering my options on whether to self-publish or go the traditional publishing route. And since either options involve their own challenges, I have to say, *puts on Valley Girl voice* being an accomplished writer is, like, soooo hard, y’guys! Ugh! But watch me make it happen, bitches.

Unless if there’s something really worthy of my time to give it a post here (like if I win the lotto or nudes of Michael B. Jordan get leaked), my updates here will become a little sporadic. (Unless if I get bored, which will happen.)

In the meantime, enjoy the weekend, and this flashback to a happier time. Where were you when this historic ruling went down five years ago?