Scenes From A Protest

I am proud to have participated in my local BLM March/Protest this past Monday. My city had a very good turnout, and while I normally get in with the crowds during marches, the bloody Rona is still around so I kept my distance.

This was my sign that I carried. (Yup, dat’s me in the pic! And that’s all you’ll get of me for now.) And unlike Ben Assfleck, I wore my mask to the event! (Side note: the fuck is that sign he was holding?! And him going to that march to show his wokeness is as honest of a gesture as Washington’s pro handegg team standing up against racism.) Also, excuse me for what looks like dollar tree vaseline on the picture; the sun caused that.

20200601_155203 copy

The event took place at Civic Park, which was only a 15 minute walk from home. During my walk, many shops were boarded up, thanks to the idiot looters the city had Sunday.

20200601_152410 copy

When I got to the park, the crowd was already happening.




And, of course, the Po Po were around.

20200601_155345 copy

So, naturally, this message showed up.


At one point, some of the protestors then went up to the police to verbally vent out their frustrations. Hearing how some protests in other cities turned out, I was expecting some crazy to drop when I saw that.


But, nope, it was just a shouting match. No blows were exchanged…yet.

After the rally at the park, we all stormed the streets to march!

20200601_163726 copy

20200601_163816 copy

20200601_164053 copy

Yes, we dealt with a lot of cars on the streets, but thankfully, the drivers were cool with us. Plenty of them honked for us!

I left the march shortly after 5PM. I later read that the crazy happened an hour after I left. The protestors went up to the freeway, and since marching on freeways is not my thing, I’m glad I left. What sucked was that was when the Po Po went off on the protestors. It was a peaceful march until that happened.

I’m still proud to have been part of the march. And let’s not forget a few other important messages that needs to be heeded!


20200601_162818 copy

20200601_153548 copy

It HAS to be said!

Also, since these are my pics, don’t be like one of those foolish looters and steal them.

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