Forever A Stunner!

Paulina Porizkova–one of my all-time favorites in modeling. For you youths, she is who your straight dad or gay mom creamed their panties for when they were youths. The Hadid sisters and Cindy Crawford’s daughter get the shine these days (why though?), but they cannot hold a candle to Miss Porizkova! (Hell, a candle would out-pose those nepotism tricks.) Can they can give hair, face, and body-ody-ody like Paulina? Hell naw! She was and still is a gem.

That’s actually Paulina from last year’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue. She was 53 in that pic. Fifty-three!! I’m almost 20 years younger than her and I (still) can’t go out in a thong bikini without jiggle spillover. (I’m working on it, though!) In a world of cat faces, duck lips, basketball tits, and overinflated asses, it’s also refreshing to see a face and figure that has not been altered by any plastic surgery. (Although I would not fault her if she had a little something done on the face.) And I’ve never heard anything dubious slapped on her name. No diva behavior, drug-induced messiness, airheaded remarks, or spoiled kids (as far as I know), and she stayed married to the same guy for 28 years.

Happy birthday to Paulina today! I hope she gets her deserved share of her late husband’s estate (which is a messy battle, last time I heard).