That Bitch!!

Here comes another recurring theme here! Where I’m still talkin’ stupid shit but only to one person or thing that dared to irk the shit out of me. And today’s bitch up for the slaughter is…

Screen Shot 2020-04-07 at 10.19.54 PM

Yeah, my same reaction when I saw that headline. But goddammit. Another celeb I swooned over (just read some of my past entries here) just had to go sour on me, and in a horrible way. Look at all the wrongs in that story, from his Dollar Store J-Lo look in that header pic to the biggest offense being him going Fist Brown on a fan. Really? And the fuck is he doing traveling during a time when his ass is supposed to be self-quarantining?! As if there was not enough shit-flavored frosting on the fuckery cake, then there’s him wanting to be referred as “they” because he, er, they is gender-fluid and all that jazz. Nothing wrong with being gender-fluid, but if you need further proof that 2020 is the Year of the Stupid, here’s this lively discussion involving some pea-brained unswallowed loads who would rather discuss gender pronouns over him being abusive to a fan.

Sonofacunt. Or should I say, theyofacunt. Oh who cares. Ezra…

Off to go look at Michael B Jordan pics to soothe my stomped heart.

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