Happy Monday

This news is over a week old, but I’m here to swoon and sing the praises of Nyle DiMarco! You know The ‘Rona is a total beeyotch cunt that’s starting to give cancer a run for its money when it gets to handsome men like him. Unlike another handsome man who’s starting to look dubious in my eyes (seriously, Idris?), Nyle, despite his celebrity, is choosing not to be tested, despite feeling ‘Rona-related symptoms. Here’s his reason why:

Screen Shot 2020-03-29 at 11.01.17 PM

The accompanying video to his post, as well as the rest of the story (and some fun comments) can be found here. Not only is he selfless and a winner on both America’s Next Top Model and Dancing With the Who-Dats, but, unf, look at him!

One thing I do know is that Nyle does test positive…for panty-creaming HOTNESS!