Three Good Things

I was moody earlier today. Partly due to Aunt Flo badly breakdancing on my hormones, and partly due to being reminded of something I can’t control but I allowed it to get to me. When I’m feeling down, I do my damndest to tell myself, repeatedly, “fuck that bullshit that’s trying to bring you down. You’re better than that!” And I also have to realize that these mood swings (which has been happening for a week now) are temporary for me, and that I’ll be back to my good ol’ floozy self again.

Positive thinking talk may sound froo-froo new-agey to some (I should know), but hot damn does it help when you need it. Borrowing this idea from Action For Happiness, here are Three Good Things I did today:

1) Assemble that clothing shelf that I had been putting off for weeks. It’s done! It’s finally done! I will say that while I was assembling the shelf, I kept thinking about that uncontrollable shit, and told myself it’s not my fault (which it actually isn’t–I’d elaborate on this but it’d be embarrassing). What is my fault is a nice, sturdy tall shelf that I can put more of my clothes in.

2) Watch The Perks Of Being A Wallflower after picking it up from the library almost two weeks ago. I waited for this movie for over a month, and when I finally was able to rent it, I had to move. And when I was done moving, I had to unpack…and unpack and rearrange and unpack and rearrange some more. Oh, and buy this and that, and so I had to put off watching that movie. Which was great, by the way! The story was touching, and it did live up to the positive reviews. But let’s be real: I know why I rented out this movie in the first place: for the enchanting Ezra Miller!

Unf, he so pretty.

3) Get chores done. It’s mundane but it’s a weekly thing and I’m just programmed to do that shit. Wash clothes, clean the floor, and wash mah hair. Now I can sleep in clean sheets, eat dinner off the floor, and my lustrous long black mane is lovely again. Touch this hair, honey, touch all of this hair.

This won’t be a daily thing I post here, and hopefully I’ll have three new good things to be glad about tomorrow. And the next day. And the next day…