That Sunday Feeling

Happy 1st 2nd of February, everyone. Also, Happy Black History Month! NAACP’s website has a good list on how to celebrate BHM. (I cook up #10 every other week, listen to #17 every other day, and if you haven’t done #28, get to it already!)

I’m now at my new place. Moved in yesterday, and holy cow udders I still have a lot to unpack. But, hey, the place is all mine!

Internet connection is limited at the moment. I’m currently relying on a hotspot from my mobile provider that unfortunately has a crappy limited cap to my data usage since I haven’t had the time to set up internet service. I won’t be using my hotspot for long because I’m an internet whore and I have more than one device that relies on WiFi. To have me limit my data usage is blasphemy! Shit, I probably am using two gigabytes of data writing this entry, and I only have so much data left! If anyone knows a provider that’s not Comcast (or Comcast-related) and is no-contract, message me and I’ll see if they service my area.

The only message that matters today (if you’re a Bay Area sports fan):

And I haven’t yet set up my TV! And I also need reliable internet to watch TV! Blergh blergh.

ETA: D’OH! Well, back to hockey.