Listening To…

Guys (I’m assuming more than one person besides me is reading this), I liked my Song Of The Day posts. But daily updates of what my current earworms are is starting to catch up to me and my increasingly-busy schedule. So, I’m changing it to “Listening To…”; in this case, I can also post podcasts and non-music favorites of the moment, and I don’t have to so daily.

Long Live Song Of The Day. Like the Maple Leafs in the NHL Playoffs every year, it had a brief but good run.

I forgot Janis Joplin’s birthday yesterday–shame on me! RIP to a forever legend. Obligatory: bring back real musicians who make music from the soul and don’t have to look pretty & produce cookie-cutter fluff appeal to the masses and record companies!!

Her voice and the guitar in this is magical. (Actually, you can speak the same for all of Janis’ songs.) Also, I’m tired of the cold-butt winter!