New Crushes!

Happy Holidays, everyone! It may be cold outside but I’ve found a few new hotties to keep me warm (and then some).


Ezra Miller! I first heard of him from a gossip blog I follow, and his Urban Decay ads started to get to me. But these pics from his Playboy Interview earned him a spot in my fantasy harem! High heels, red lipstick, and bunny ears? Swooooon. It’s bold and honest, and I am digging it. I also thought he was strictly dicky until I read that interview. I think I may have a chance! 😛


Michael B Jordan! What. A. Hunk. I’ve been hankering for MBJ for a few years now. I would write up other stuff about his career and movies, but when I have dat torso in front of me, my mind turns to mush.  

Aidan Turner! The only reason why I watch “Poldark”! And another reason why you should support your local PBS station: to feast on this piece of hotness! I sometimes don’t pay attention to the plot of the episodes, but can you blame me when he’s on screen?