My Heart Aches…

…For Gilroy.

…For El Paso.

…For Dayton.

…and for the people in this country that did not ask for any of this terrorism-fueled bloodshed that we’ve witnessed in the past eight days. Equally horrific are the ones who are placing blame at the wrong things, and the hare-brained supporters of such asinine, unproven claims. As well as the ones who are turning a blind eye to it all (dare I mention his name?).

It’s just devastating. It hurts to see what this once-great country has become. But we just can’t let the ones ruining this country continue to flourish and win.

People, GET OUT AND VOTE NEXT YEAR!! Primaries, General, special elections, just vote. Register now if you aren’t registered yet. Vote out the evil that continues to normalize such appalling behavior.