The Only Kylie That Matters!

How I’m spending this 4th of July: listening to Kylie Minogue music! (And watching the fireworks and eating hot dogs, of course.)

Oh, that video, by the way…a true artist knows how to make an orgy visually appealing and not so skanked out! Note to Miley and Ariana: THAT (and this) is how you do sexy in music videos.

That there are more dubious, less fun, and overrated pop acts that get more shine than Kylie is criminal. Thirty-plus years of fun pop, forty years in the spotlight, fashion/gay icon, breast cancer survivor, nary a scandal attached to her name (as far as I know), who’s not trying to be something she isn’t, and who also happens to be aging well–how more iconic can you get? The youths (and Google) need to recognize who the real Kylie is. She’s definitely not the one with the pimp mom, the sister who got famous from a lame-ass sex tape, and the awful excuse for makeup, but the one with talent. In a dream world, Minogue would be the only Kylie that gets talked about. And you can screenshot that.